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Roadside Diners East
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Millerton Diner
Millerton, NY
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

Stop in at the Millerton Diner near the Connecticut border for a quick chow. Good to see the proud owner keeps it in great shape.






Tom Sawyer Diner
Allentown, PA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

If you're ever listening to Billy Joel and happen to be out in Allentown, PA, check out the Tom Sawyer Diner. Yep, ol' Tom Sawyer himself appears to grace the front of this marquee. 08-01


UPDATE 01/07 : The Tom Sawyer Diner closed in June 2002 due to a new highway bypass. The diner was moved to 2nd Street in Harrisburg and opened for business in March 2006. (Note: Earlier reference to a Tom Sawyer Diner being burned in 9/06 was associated with the diner in Paramus, NJ) Many thanks to Linda Mills for update. 01-07



Neptune Diner
Oneonta, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Over in Oneonta, NY we can get a bite at the Neptune Diner any time of the day. A family restaurant that serves cocktails? I'll have a double vodka martini with my hash browns, please. Hic.



Americana Diner
Grand Gorge, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

The stainless steel exterior still beckons the hungry traveler. The letters which adorn the Americana Diner were taken from the closed Great American supermarket in town. Many thanks to Mike Engle for info.



Modern Diner
Wellsville, NY
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

Always ready for lunchtime patrons is the Modern Diner in Wellsville, NY. Modern, perhaps 75 years ago, but times have progressed. It has probably the oldest working neon sign I have ever come across. Check out this close-up of the sign out front.

(Near left) The sign at the Modern Diner



Galaxie Diner
Montreal, Quebec
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

In Montreal, Quebec is the Galaxie Diner. The only true stand-alone stainless steel diner in Canada, the Galaxie broke ground in 1952 and has been serving happy eaters since. This diner and its neon is still in pristine shape.












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