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Triple XXX Root Beer Drive-in
Issaquah WA
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The Triple XXX Root Beer Drive-in is a famous landmark eatery in the Pacific Northwest. The first Triple XXX Root Beer location opened in 1930 in Renton, WA. This location in Issaquah, WA is the only one remaining that still features the barrel.

According to Issaquah History Online, this Triple XXX Root Beer opened at this location at 98 NE Gilman Blvd in 1968 after being moved from its originally location for a car dealership parking lot. Today there only two XXX Root Beer locations still in business. The other Triple XXX Root Beer location in West Lafayette, IN does not feature the root beer barrel sign.

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Triple XXX Root Beer Drive-in
Issaquah, WA
Photo courtesy Dan Brown


Triple XXX Root Beer Drive-in
Image courtesy Dan Brown

Check out the last of the Triple X Root Beer locations in the country. Located in Issaquah, WA, this root beer business with its huge root beer facade continues to be an eye-catcher as well as a stop for good food.


Below are more photos of the XXX Root Beer Drive-in in Issaquah, WA courtesy of Dan Brown.


Flyer insert

A look at the front counter

Taking orders




Vintage photo

Employees back in the day

An old machine

Circa 1930?



Google Street View Image






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