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Root Beer East


Triple XXX Root Beer
Issaquah, WA
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here is a Triple XXX Root Beer stand located in Issaquah, Washington (honorary Roadside Peek "East" member). This is a mandatory stop for all of you in the Washington area, if only to marvel at the stand built around a huge root beer barrel exterior. This Triple XXX is one of the last two locations still in existence. The other Triple XXX Root Beer drive-in is located in West Lafayette, IN.

Check out this special section on the Triple XXX Root Beer of Issaquah, WA, courtesy of Dan Brown.



Dog n' Suds
Whitehall MI
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Root beer locations are still prevalent in the Eastern states. After the "influential" Jeff's recommendations soaked in, this Dog n' Suds Root beer stand was spotted in Whitehall, Michigan. This is the only one left in Michigan, so if you're fortunate enough to be in the area, grab a root beer for yourself and a few more to take home.

Here's another classic Dog n' Suds sign from Charleston, IL. This dog looks as friendly as ever.
Dog n' Suds stands still exist in Illinois and Indiana. Also found is this location in Paragould, AR.



Frostop Root Beer
Chrisman, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Over in Chrisman, IL stands a huge mug of Frostop Root Beer for all to see. This roadside treat is very similar to the mug seen below.



Mac's Drive-in
Photo courtesy Andy Tarr

Here's a shot of Mac's Drive-in in Waterloo, NY. This is a good place to enjoy a frosty mug of creamy RICHardson Root Beer!




Root beer Stand
Wadsworth, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Wadsworth, Ohio is home to this Root Beer Stand. The parking area looks like an inverted picnic table among other things.



Hannon's Root Beer (Gone)
Valparaiso, IN
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

What's this? It's a... a... giant MUG! No, it's Hannon's Root Beer, a local favorite in Valparaiso, Indiana. Sporting an enormous root beer mug, this is a roadside attraction at its best. Need some cool suds on a hot summer day? Grab a cold one at Hannon's.


UPDATE 11/09 : Hannon's Root Beer Stand in Valparaiso, IN is no longer in existence. It has been replaced by a Mercantile Bank. The old root beer mug sign was purchased and erected at a new location by a new "Frost-Top" drive-in on the other side of town. It too is now closed, and sadly, was very short-lived. The mug remains at that location, which has since been turned into a First Source Bank. At least Valparaiso still has the trademark mug to remember the old Hannon's by. Many thanks to Lee Nevills for update. 11-09










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