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Historic Sites East


Chrysler Building
New York City, NY
Photo courtesy Gorb70

The Chrysler Building is a well known deco delight in New York City. Built in 1930, the Chrysler Building was designed by William Van Alen to house the Chrysler Corporation. 07-07



RCA General Electric Building
New York City, NY
Photo and info courtesy Gorb70

Here's the RCA General Electric building in NYC, not to be confused with the GE building in Rockefeller Center. 07-07



Helmsley Building
New York City, NY
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Built in 1929, the 34 story Helmsley Building was originally the home of the New York Central Railroad Company. 07-07





Fitchburg Rail Bridge
Bellows Falls, VT
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss / 2007

Here is the old stone bridge built for the Fitchburg railroad in 1899. Note the date. The building of the bridge began September 13 and finished December 10, and that is by building it 1 stone at a time! 07-07



Foxburg Bridge
Foxburg, PA
Photo and info courtesy Rick McOmber

The future is uncertain for the Foxburg Bridge, but demolition is likely in 2008 as a new bridge is being built beside it. This bridge constructed in 1921 used to carry rail traffic above. 10-07



Meadville Bridge
Meadville, PA
Photo and info courtesy Rick McOmber

The Meadville bridge built in 1871 was recently closed to traffic and its future is unknown. This bridge is located in Meadville, Pennsylvania. 10-07









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