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Liquor Store Signage East


Fornaro's Liquor Store
Pennsville, NJ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Fornaro's is an old liquor store located in Pennsville, NJ. Fornaro's still features an old neon sign pointing the way in to the liquor mart as well as a fancy star next to the facade's neon lettering. 07-06

Fornaro's Liquor Store
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss
UPDATE 01/13 : Not in Pennsylvania as you might have first have thought. Here are a couple photos of Fornaro's. The first photo looking very much like a Route 66 sort of picture but no, this is in a largely forgettable town just south of the Delaware River Bridge in New Jersey. It has a nice little patina of rust that perhaps some can appreciate. 12-12 (Richard Weiss)





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