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neon motels great plains


Rocking R Motel
Burlington, KS
Photo courtesy Greg West

The neon lights up the road at the Rocking R Motel in Burlington, KS. It's hard to miss this neon sign, even with tired eyes after traveling the road for miles. 01-06



The Rudd Motel
Nowata, OK
Photo courtesy Greg West

The Rudd Motel features neon with a color scheme similar to the Rocking R above. The Rudd Motel is located in Nowata, OK. 01-06



Lincoln Motel
Chandler, OK
Photo courtesy Greg West

Route 66This sign for the Lincoln Motel is located off Route 66 in Chandler, OK. We saw it while taking a night drive from Wagoner, OK to Woodward, OK. From talking to a local, the sign has been there with the Motel since the late 50's. In speaking to the owner, word is the motel was built in 1939. The owner did not know the date of the sign, which appears to be 50's vintage. 12-06



New Motel
Yukon, OK
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Route 66The word "new" really stands out on this marquee at the New Motel in Yukon, OK. Yukon is known as the home of a classic restorable Camaro. 07-07









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