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Other Roadside Motels Great Plains

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Rocking R Motel
Burlington, KS
Photo courtesy Greg West

The Rocking R Motel features an old roadside motel marquee catching the eye of busy travelers passing by. 01-06



The Indian Lodge
Wagoner, OK
Photo and info courtesy Greg West

The Indian Lodge sits right by Lake Fort Gibson near Taylor's Ferry. It has rooms, cabins with carports and is a real step back into time. More info can be found at this site. 05-06



Jesse Chisholm Motel (Demolished)
Geary, OK
Photo and info courtesy Chris Small

Geary, OK was once home to this gem of a sign. The sign for the Jesse Chisholm Motel had fragments of broken neon tubes hanging off, which looked very interesting.  The place has been torn down since this photo was taken.

Another roadside treasure has made its last exit. 08-06



Cliff Pot Motel
Langley, OK
Photos and info courtesy Greg West

The Cliff Pat Motel was built some 50 years ago. This great neon sign has lit the skies of Langley, OK ever since. The current owner purchased the motel 40 years ago. At that time he changed the name to, Cliff Pat Motel. Thus, that portion of the sign was changed to reflect the new owner's chosen name. No idea what it was prior to the change, nor what Cliff Pat means. This beauty is located at; 330 S 3RD ST in Langley, OK. The neon is working just fine! Langley, OK. Photo and info Greg West. 10-06



Tulsa Motel
Tulsa, OK
Postcard and info courtesy Chris King

The Tulsa Motel was a mile west of the Rose Bowl on Route 66. How many places now offer a personal garage along with the room these days. 12-06



Swiss Valley Motel
Dubuque, IA
Photo courtesy Dan Schuster

This country looking motel sign is located at the Swiss Valley Motel, in the Iowa town of Dubuque, straddling the Mississippi. 12-06






Western Motel
Oklahoma City, OK
Photo courtesy Chris Small

Route 66Here's a shot of the Western Motel marquee, located in the Route 66 city of Oklahoma City. 10-07










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