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Other Roadside Motels Great Plains

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Sudbury Court
Amana , IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Sudbury Court features an old roadside motel sign that looks like its straight from the World War era.



Sioux Motel
Murdo, SD
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Sioux Motel is a familiar sight in South Dakota. This motel marquee sports an Indian themed marquee.



Corn Palace Motel (Replaced)
Mitchell, SD
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

The Corn Palace Motel looks like something out of a ... er... corn palace. Check out the spires on top of this marquee, that tower above the roadside.


UPDATE 08/17: After a storm in 2012, the onion shaped balls on top of the pillars of the sign disappeared. Subsequent to that Corn Palace Motel sign is now gone and replaced with a backlit plastic sign. 08-17




Custer Motel Marquee
Custer, SD
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Here's a close-up of the marquee of the Custer Motel. This motel is appropriately located in South Dakota.


Custer Motel
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Custer Motel in the Black Hills of South Dakota is an old motor court using separate cottages to service its guests.

Each of the cottages still appear to be used as motor courts. Check out the AAA emblem on the sign.

(Far right) The marquee for the Custer Motel in the town of Custer, SD



Mile Hi Motel
Custer, SD
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

The Mile Hi Motel in Custer features a good lookin' marquee with a special welcome to bikers.



Corral Motel
Wichita, KS
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

What does the Corral Motel have in common with horses. Well, the name is somewhat horse like. Not sure where this leading...



Skyliner Motel
Stroud, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Route 66The Skyliner Motel marquee still stands tall off the Mother Road in Stroud, OK.















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