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Bowling Alleys Midwest

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Concord Bowl
St. Louis, MO
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

The Concord Bowl in St. Louis features an interesting looking marquee out front. The not quite perpendicular arrows and colored dots make the sign look somewhat like a lightning strike... between the pins.



Holiday Lanes
Lansing, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out this huge arrow for the Holiday Lanes in Lansing, Michigan... yes... Magic Johnson's hometown. Not sure if he ever went bowling here, but this sign is sure an attention getter.



Bradnans Bowl
Cleveland, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here's a nice marquee that sits over a doorway of a downtown tire shop. The sign calls out Bradnan's Bowl. Not quite sure where exactly the bowling pro shop and beer and liquor are though.




Ypsi Arbor Bowl (Gone)
Ypsilanti, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Here's another shot of the incredible marquee for the Ypsi-Arbor Bowl in Ypsilanti, Michigan. A unique sign using figures of bowling pins to spell out bowl, this place is well worth a stop for a few games at the ten pin alley.


UPDATE 06/12 : The Ypsi Arbor Bowl closed down and apparently the iconic sign was auctioned off and purchased by an unknown sign museum in South Dakota. Ypsi Arbor Lanes was Ypsilanti's last remaining ten pin alley. Many thanks to Mark Hackett for update. 06-12



Bowl Era Lanes (Closed)
Hammond, IN
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This neat tile mosaic sporting a 40's - styled man bowling was spotted on a closed-down bowling alley in Hammond, IN. Many thanks to Don Gardner for photo and info.


UPDATE 07/07 : The Bowling Man mosaic is from the Bowl Era Lanes on Calumet Ave in the Southside of Hammond, Indiana. The lanes closed down many years ago, but, I believe, is still standing. It had lanes upstairs and downstairs, a pro shop, and an old time Calumet Region bowling alley bar. Bowl Era was an old time alley, and was hurt badly when Stardust Lanes opened across town on Columbia Ave in the late 60's. Bowl Era also had a White Castle across the street, which remains. Many thanks to Mark R. Dongu for update and identification of the location of this "bowling man" mosaic. 07-07


UPDATE 10/08 : The Bowl Era Lanes had its roof collapse and appears to be in danger of being demolished soon.










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