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Bowling Alleys Midwest

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Ypsi Arbor Bowl
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

The Ypsi Arbor Bowl features a unique sign, to say the least. Check out the Bowling Pins spelling out "BOWL" in its own unique way.



Grand Bowl
Franklin Park, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

On Grand Ave. in Franklin Park, IL is the appropriately name Grand Bowl. Check out the bowling ball shape incorporated into the marquee. Not sure if this marquee is still around these days.



Bowling Alley
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

This bowling alley found in Indianapolis looks forlorn and abandoned.


Bowl-Mor Lanes
Streator, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's a shot of the Bowl-Mor Lanes in Streator, IL. Check out the Lamp Lite Room while you're there.



Yorktown Lanes
Cleveland, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Here's a shot of what may be the best bowling sign in Cleveland, OH. The Yorktown Lanes marquee is in great shape.




Diamond Bowl
Edwardsburg, MI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out the Diamond Bowl, located near Edwardsburg, MI. This bowling alley sign integrates the bowling pin into the side facade of the building.



Town and Country Lanes
Columbia, MO
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

How about the Town and Country Lanes of Columbia, MO. This sign features a huge bowling pin and ball as part of its marquee design.











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