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Roadside Cafes Rocky Mountains


Century Cafe
Richfield, UT
Photo courtesy Allen Sandquist

The Century Cafe in Richfield, Utah is reminiscent of the old roadside cafes that used to dot the main street of each town.



Tumble Inn Lounge Cafe
Central Wyoming
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Check out this sighting of the Tumble Inn Cafe, discovered in the "middle of nowhere." Can't beat this healthy cowboy.




Satisfied Ewe Cafe
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Satisfied Ewe Cafe features a little image of an ewe on top of its rooftop sign. The weekend crowd sure looked hopping here. Not sure how satisfied "ewe" will be after eating here, but the sign and name are quite interesting.





El Bambi Cafe
Beaver, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

As you travel the road through Beaver, UT, stop by the El Bambi Cafe and Truck Stop. The building looks like it has some rather colorful panels on the side. Also take a look at the Bambi character atop the roadside sign and its doe eyes.

Let's see, truckers and Bambi... what a combination.

(Far left) A close-up of the marquee



Lotus Cafe
Brigham City, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Lotus Cafe Building
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

This old weatherbeaten sign still advertises the the Lotus Cafe in Brigham City. Check out the antenna-like device atop the sign, communicating to the Lotus like aliens in the sky.



Aly's Fireside Cafe
Walsenburg, CO
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Aly's Fireside Cafe is a place to stop along the long journey through Walsenburg, CO.
















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