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Roadside Cafes Rocky Mountains


Snappy Cafe
Ogden, UT
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Here are a couple of shots of the world famous Snappy Cafe located in Ogden, UT. Well, not sure if this place is indeed "world famous" but the cafe is worth a stop to view as is. 09-06



Savoy Cafe
Trinidad, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Check out this sign for the Savoy Cafe in Trinidad, CO. The cafe is still open, but not sure if the hotel is too. 11-07



Sullivan's Cafe (Closed)
Cedar City, UT
Photo courtesy Matthias Tippner

Here's the well known sign at Sullivan's Cafe in Cedar City, UT. Sullivan's Cafe has been open since 1946 under three generations of the Sullivan family. The cafe was purchased by their long-time general manager in 2007.

According to the sign, the place is known for their home made food. 01-09


UPDATE 08/15 : Sullivan's Cafe is now closed for business. The former owners retired and the place is now vacant. The lettering has been removed from ths sign. Yet another Utah landmark roadside establishment has left the road. 08-15



B&B Cafe
Castle Rock, CO
Photo and info courtesy Larry Glass

The B&B Cafe in Castle Rock, CO is still in business and has very good food. Word is that back in the day (1946), the town Marshal was killed in a shootout at the cafe. One of the bullet holes from that encounter still remains in the ceiling. 04-09



Dutch Mill Cafe
Antonito, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Here's the eye-catching marquee for the Dutch Mill Cafe, located in Antonito, CO. The Dutch Mill features both a bar and restaurant area serving Mexican food dishes. 04-09



Castle Cafe
Castle Rock, CO
Photo and info courtesy Larry Glass

Castle Rock, CO is home to another old roadside cafe. The Castle Cafe features an old sign on this old building located on this street corner.

The Castle Cafe Restaurant was originally the Castle Hotel and Bar and has been in business during the 1890's. The Castle Cafe has survived over 100 years through the roaring 20's, the Great Depression years, and still remains today. 04-09








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