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Roadside Taverns Rocky Mountains


Buffalo Bar
Buena Vista, CO
Photo courtesy Michael Brichford

The Buffalo Bar & Grill near Buena Vista, CO has a sign that just points the way in.



1st Draft Choice
Colorado Springs, CO
Photo courtesy Mike Lascuola

Check out this hand painted bar sign in central Colorado Springs, Colorado. This sign advertises the 1st Draft Choice tavern in this rather nondescript building.




The Dime Horse Shoe Bar
Sundance, WY
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a unique sign for The Dime Horse Shoe Bar, located in Sundance, WY. This sign looks like it contains working neon.



Oasis Bar
Billings, MT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Ever feel like a thirsty camel? Check out the Oasis Bar in Billings, MT with its formerly neon camel. At least this camel has just one hump.





The Club
Ogden, UT
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Ogden, UT is the home to The Club and its rather eye-catching marquee on the side of the building.

Check out the bubbly glass atop the sign.

The Club close up shot of marquee
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn



Red Wood Bar
Cheyenne, WY
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out this rather colorful sign for the Red Wood Bar & Lounge in Cheyenne, WY. This sign stands out in this Western themed town.



Montgomery Hotel/Bar
Buffalo, WY
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's an old marquee that advertises the Montgomery Hotel and Bar in Buffalo, WY.















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