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Roadside Taverns Rocky Mountains


Mint Bar
Sheridan, WY
Photos courtesy Larry Glass

Here is the Famous Mint Bar in Sheridan, WY. An often photographed location, the Mint Bar sports a delight of a neon sign above its entrance. 11-07

(Near right) A look at the Mint Bar

(Far right) A close-up look at the sign


For more photos of the Mint Bar, including neon photos, see Roadside Peek's Spotlight on The Mint Bar.



Monte Cristo Bar
Trinidad, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Here's the neon sign that stands outside of the Monte Cristo Bar in the Trinidad, CO. Trinidad is located just north of the New Mexico border. 11-07



Sarti's Bar
Walsenburg, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Walsenburg, CO is home to Sarti's Bar. The neon sign features Coors. 11-07



Wildcat Saloon
Trinidad, CO
Photo and info courtesy Larry Glass

Check out the neon at the Wildcat Saloon in Trinidad. Patrons were having a "large" time when the photo was taken. . 11-07




Lariat Saloon
Buena Vista, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Here's the Lariat Saloon in Buena Vista, CO. A line on the sign says "We Sell & Service Hangover". 12-07













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