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Grand Cinema Arizona

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Grand Theatre (Marquee Close-up)
Douglas, AZ
Photo courtesy Devil Doll


Here's an old shot of the Grand Theatre in Douglas, AZ. Check out the vertical marquee still gracing the front facade of the theatre. 04-06

(Near right) Here's a shot of the Grand Theatre's building at the corner of this old main street in Douglas, AZ

(Far right) A close up look at the Grand lettering on the side of the theatre



Carmen Theatre
Tucson, AZ
Photos courtesy Gorb70

This old mission looking theatre called the Carmen Theatre which opened back in the year 1915. This Tucson theatre gem was originally dedicated to showing Spanish themed works. 02-07



Rialto Theatre
Tucson, TX
Photo courtesy Gorb70

The Rialto Theatre opened its doors in 1920 and has gone through several iterations and name changes since, even closing for a period of time. Today the theatre is being run by a non-profit firm. 03-07



Fox Theatre
Tucson, AZ
Photo courtesy Gorb70

Located on 17 W. Congress St., the Fox Theatre in Downtown Tucson was built in 1930 as a vaudeville and silent-movie house. The theatre was the only theatre from the Fox chain with a unique Southwest Art Deco”style. The Fox closed its doors in 1974 but has now been renovated and reopened as a film, liver music, and performance venue

Check out more Fox Theatres from across the country here.. 04-07









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