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Drive-in Theatres Central California

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Starlite Drive-in (Demolished)
Merced, CA
Photo courtesy Jimmy Bowman

The Starlite Drive-in sits there, closed up for good. This drive-in was shut down sometime in the 1980's.


UPDATE 07/06 : This marquee was the last remnant of this old drive-in until it too was sent up to the big signpost in the sky in late 2005. 07-07



Madera Drive-in Theatre
Madera, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Just 20 minutes or so above Fresno is Madera County and the Madera Drive-in Theatre. No marquee for the drive-in other the then one on back of the screen could be found and the screen tower was relatively nondescript. At least a classic water tank was nearby. Check out the ticket booth and the entranceway to the drive-in theatre that was originally named the Park Vu.



Sky View Drive-in Theatre
Oxnard, CA
Photos courtesy Larry Gomez

Here are photos of the undeveloped land at the former Sky View Drive-in Theatre located in Oxnard, CA. The Skyview is the last of five in Ventura County. This site had once been proposed for a major league baseball stadium complex and may now be developed for low income housing. Many thanks to Larry Gomez for photos and info. 03-08

According to the February 17, 2008 edition of the Ventura County Star, the Skyview Drive-in lot may also become a possibility for a big box retail store.


Sky View Drive-in Theatre
Oxnard, CA
Photo courtesy Larry Gomez

Sky View Drive-in Theatre
Oxnard, CA
Photo courtesy Larry Gomez



Del-Mac Drive-in Theatre (Closed)
Delano, CA
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here are the remnants of an old drive-in theatre in the Central Valley. Not sure exactly when this drive-in open and closed.

Called the Del-Mac Drive-in, this open air theatre used to serve and entertain the farming community of Delano. 10-10








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