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Mexican Food Cafes Central California


Pepe Delgado's
San Luis Obispo, CA
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

If you're in the San Luis Obispo area and hungry for some good Mexican Food, stop by Pepe's. You can't miss it... it's in the main street part of town and features a huge sombrero as its sign. The sign may have revolved because one side displays the letters to the restaurant name and the other side just says Mexican food.







Mexicali Mexican Food
Bakersfield, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll


This giant red arrow points the way into the Mexicali Mexican Food restaurant. This classic local Bakersfield eatery always seems to have pretty decent business all the time.

(Far right) The parking lot sign points the way in

(Near right) Another parking lot sign at the restaurant



Mi Casita
Taft, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's the Mi Casita Restaurant in Taft, CA, featuring a painted mural scene above the front door. 04-06






Sinaloa Mexican Dinners
Bakersfield, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's the Sinaloa Mexican Food restaurant, located in Bakersfield. Check out the two standout signs outside the business. 03-05

(Near left) The main marquee for the Sinaloa Mexican Food








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