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Drive-in Theatres Northern California
Burlingame Drive-in | Geneva Drive-in | 49'er Drive-in


Burlingame Drive-in Theatre (Demolished)
Burlingame, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Near the San Francisco Bay area is the Burlingame Drive-in Theatre in, yes, Burlingame. Portraying the distinct look of Northern California drive-ins, the Burlingame sports the spread "W" ticket booth and a saucer shaped snack bar.




The Burlingame is still open for business, though recent rumors state that this drive-in will soon be closed and forgotten.


Burlingame Ticket Booth
Burlingame, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


Check out the snack bar here on the left with its dome architecture



UPDATE 05/06 : The Burlingame was shut down in 2001 and was demolished a couple of years later. 05-06


UPDATE 11/20 : The Burlingame was indeed demolished. See more here at Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures tribute to the Burlingame Drive-in Theater.



Geneva Drive-in Theatre (Demolished)
Daly City, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Right near downtown San Francisco is the Geneva Drive-in Theatre. The Geneva just dripped of emotion, from the huge grandstand off in the back to the abandoned appliances in the lot. Not to mention the numerous screen towers.

Also see Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures tribute to the Geneva Drive-in.

UPDATE 05/06 : The Geneva Drive-in had originally opened up in 1950. Once a dog racing track, this drive-in shut down in 1999/2000. The Geneva was bulldozed in March 2002 and is currently a vacant site. Many thanks to Chet Wilson for update. 05-06

UPDATE 06/06 : I used to live 2 blocks from the Geneva Drive-In in Daly City, CA when I was a young girl. Our little family went every weekend in our 57 DeSoto and our grocery bag of popcorn.It backs up to the the famous Cow Palace in Daly City and it's about 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco. Many thanks to Karin Weman for update. 06-06

UPDATE 07/07 : To the left is a photo of the Geneva Drive-in Theatre from 1970. The old grandstand was originally used for dog racing, but was converted to a drive-in in 1950. The canteen and projection booth were in the grandstand lower lever. The upstairs is blocked off.


Geneva Drive-in 1970
Photo courtesy Jack Tillmany

The Geneva was a nice clean theater and a pleasure to work at. The Geneva was considered a San Francisco theater, even though it was located across the San Mateo County line. Many thanks to Jim Shaw, former projectionist of the Geneva Drive-in Theatre for all comments above. Also, thanks to Jack Tillmany for granting permission to use his 1970 photo. 07-07



49'er Drive-in Theatre (Demolished)
Sacramento, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's the 49er Drive-in Theatre in Sacramento which opened up in 1950. Also sporting the spread "W" ticket booth structure, the 49er's lot appeared to be in decent shape. Check out the interesting look of the snack bar.


UPDATE 01/09 : The 49'er drive-in lot was virtually razed over with the exception of the marquee earlier this decade. The 49er marquee was removed possibly some time in 2007. 01-09

49'er Drive-in Ticket Booth and Snack Bar
Sacramento, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

See Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures tribute to the 49'er Drive-in.









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