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Grand Theatre Northern California

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Century 21 Cinemas
San Jose, CA
Photos and info courtesy Heather David

Located off of Winchester Boulevard in San Jose (near the Winchester Mystery House) is the 1960's era Century 21 Cinemas. With its distinct dome shaped buildings, the Century 21 reflects back to the era when Cinedome types of theatre were more common and a sought after place to go to take in a good movie. 07-08

(Far left) The neon sign for the Century 21 Cinemas

(Near left) A good look at three of the domed theatres



Studio Theatre
San Jose, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This old marquee still graces the old Studio Theatre in San Jose, CA. According to Cinema Treasures, the theatre opened in 1950 and was converted into a nightclub in or around 1999. The exterior of the theatre is landmarked. 08-08






California Theatre
San Jose, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's are a couple of shots of the California Theatre in San Jose, prior to the installation of the replica marquee. The theatre, which originally opened in 1927, opened again in 2004 and is now home to the Opera San Jose as the front marquee promises here. 08-08



The Vogue Theatre
San Francisco, CA
Photo courtesy Scott Broadhurst

Here's the blade marquee for the Vogue Theatre located in the Presidio Heights area of San Francisco. Originally known as the Elite Theatre when it opened in 1910, the theatre eventually became the Vogue in 1939. Today, the theatre is owned by the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of neighborhood theaters. For more information, see the Vogue Theatre website. 11-10










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