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North Las Vegas Motels Las Vegas

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Strip 91 Motel (Demolished)
Las Vegas, NV
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier

The Strip 91 Motel is a fun looking place to look at.


UPDATE 05/03 : About 40-50 years ago, before the age of Interstate Freeways, back when Route 66 was still the main thoroughfare, the main route through Las Vegas was Route 91. So the name of the motel may be referencing the old route through Vegas. Many thanks to Phleck for update. 05-03

UPDATE 08/13 : This sign was purchased (used) from YESCO in 1961 and placed at the former Van Der Meer apartments on Las Vegas Blvd. N. It initially read Strip 66 and was changed to 91 by my father. He later moved it to the Baron Motel when he bought that place. The sign has not moved and the Baron has been known as the Strip 91 since the mid 1960s. Many thanks to Jeanie White for history and update. 08-13



Har-Lee's Motel (Demolished)
North Las Vegas, NV
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Har-Lee's Motel was located near the Vegas Chalet Motel in North Las Vegas. In recent years, Har-Lee's was demolished and replaced with a small strip center of stores. 12-08



Dixie Motel
Las Vegas, NV
Photo courtesy Lee Salawitch

The Dixie Motel is still in business in North Las Vegas, though the place appears to be catering to long-term lodging these days. The Dixie marquee still stands tall along North Las Vegas Boulevard despite the traffic around. 05-09










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