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Grand Cinema New Mexico

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Luna Theatre
Clayton, NM
Photos courtesy Larry Glass


Route 66The Luna Theatre in Clayton, NM was built in 1916 with the marquee added to the building in 1935. The Luna is listed on the New Mexico State as well as the National Historic Register. 03-08

(Far right) A closer look at the marquee at the Luna Theatre in Clayton

(Near right) A view of the theatre from across the street


UPDATE 11/10 : Check out this close-up look at the smiley face gracing the sign at the Luna Theatre. Many thanks to Rod Holcomb for updated photo. 11-10

Luna Theatre sign close-up
Clayton, NM
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb



Serf Theatre
Las Vegas, NM
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Route 66The Serf Theatre in Las Vegas, NM was built in the 1930's. This theatre is now closed for business. 03-08











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