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The Prince of Hamburgers
Dallas, TX


Prince of Hamburgers (Day)
Dallas, TX
Photo courtesy Tony Craig


Prince of Hamburgers (Night)
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

The Prince of Hamburgers drive-in hamburger stand in Dallas, TX has been a local landmark since 1929. Many a restaurant review over the years have raved about the Prince's burgers and thick milkshakes.

Prince's founder, Doug Prince started what was to become a chain of burger stands after discovering the how easy a burger could be made at the State Fair of Texas.

Unfortunately, word on the street is that some financial issues forced the Prince of Hamburgers to shut its doors in 2005. This roadside eatery has now gone to the big burger stand in the sky.




Prince of Hamburgers stand closed
Photo courtesy Mary Schlepphorst

Close up of the boarded up windows
Photo courtesy Mary Schlepphorst



Many thanks to Mary Schlepphorst for contact regarding the fate of the Prince of Hamburgers.


Google Street View Image



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