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Burger Joints Texas
The Price of Hamburgers


Top Notch Hamburgers
Austin, TX
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

The Top Notch Hamburgers marquee features multi-colored lettering that directs your line of sight to the top of the sign which is... of course... a burger.



Hut's Hamburgers (Closed)
Austin, TX
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

Hut's Hamburgers features a simple, yet roadside worthy sign outside of its burger shop. Check out the way the arrow simply but effectively points the way to the burger joint.

Hut's closed its doors for good on October 20, 2019 with the owner citing they were ready to move in a different direction.

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EZ Hamburgers (Demolished)
Austin, TX
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

Check out this rather unique sign outside the EZ Hamburgers in Austin, TX. The EZ letters light up in neon, and the colors of the sign just beg the passing hungry motorist to stop in for some chicken, pizza, and other items.


UPDATE 11/20 : EZ Hamburgers opened in 1994 and was a popular spot for pizza, burgers, and the like. The hamburger joint also features a really cool and big sign out front that can't be missed from the street.

Unfortunately a fire kicked up in January 2016 and heavily damaged this place after a piece of equipment was dropped on a gas line. This location on North Lamar was demolished around 2017. A Rudy's Barbeque now occupies this site.



Prince Hamburgers (Demolished)
Dallas, TX
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Prince Hamburgers in Dallas, Texas has a sign outside that truly advertises its name and food.


UPDATE 11/08 : The Prince of Hamburgers closed its doors in 2005 and is no more.

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Grand Prairie, TX
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

To the left is the marquee sign for Theo's Drive-in eatery, located in Grand Prairie, Texas. This sign still points the way to the mid-century looking restaurant.

Below is the drive-in portion of Theo's. This drive-in has an interesting canopy, with angles that make the entire roof look like a launching pad.

To the bottom right is the Cre Mel Root Beer sign that is also located on the property of Theo's. It appears that both the Theo's main marquee as well as this Cre Mel sign are in working neo order.

Theo's Building
Photo courtesy Tony Craig









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