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Other Roadside Signage East


Walter's Shoe Store
Binghamton, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Walter's Shoe Store of Binghamton. A New York neighborhood shoe store. Looks like this shoe store has been business for quite some time by the looks of the old neon sign atop the roof.



Gene and Boots Candy
Monroeville, PA
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Ever get that feeling while driving down the highway where you feel like getting something sweet to eat. Well, you're in luck. In business since the 1930's, Gene and Boots Candy near Monroeville, Pennsylvania is there off the roadside to give you a sweet to munch on. And while stopping (or even driving by), check out the famous Gene & Boots Candy sign with the classic barber shop peppermint stems. Just don't count on the Precious Moment sale.



Jesus Saves
Aberdeen, MD
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

This Jesus Saves sign in Aberdeen, MD still lights up the sky at night. The marquee is neon and is a real eye-catching sight from off the roadway.





Colgate Clock
Jersey City, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

There was an original Colgate Clock from 1906 that was originally on a factory in Jersey City, NJ facing lower Manhattan. The 1906 clock is now located in Clarksville, IN but is currently facing risk of loss. The factory may be gone while Jersey City revitalizes its waterfront. This clock, which replaced he 1906 clock, has survived since 1924. The minute hand is almost 26 feet long, with the hour hand is at 20 feet.




Moyer Plumbing
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's a plumbing sign in front of Moyer Plumbing in Pennsylvania.



Village of Maxatawny Welcome
Maxatawny, PA
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's a welcome sign that was found in Maxatawny, PA. The Amish character stands atop the Welcome to the Village of Maxatawny sign.



Royal Flush Fleet
Wildwoods, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's a photo of the sign advertising Captain Royal's Fishing Fleet. This is one of the many recreational fishing boats along the Jersey shore. Can't miss this sign.












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