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Other Roadside Signage East


Weirs Beach sign
Weirs Beach, NH
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out Weirs Beach in New Hampshire. 02-07

(Near right) A shot of the crowded beach at Weirs Beach on a nice sunny day

(Far right) Here's a shot of an old roadster as it passes by the signature Weirs Beach signpost



Harmony Furniture
Hamilton, Ontario
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Further up from New York is Hamilton, Ontario with mid-century signage that could challenge any city for style. the Harmony Furniture store is a good place to stop and visit for furniture, if not to just marvel at is marquee.



Wasserman Sign
Newark, N
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Check out this old optometrist sign for Jess J Wasserman, located in Newark, NJ. Not sure how old this sign really is and whether once upon a time it lit up at night.



Marcal Paper Products
Elmwood Park, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's the Marcal Paper Products building and its huge rooftop sign. This place is famous for making toilet paper.




Dorn's Photo Shop (Demolished)
Red Bank, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Dorn's Photo Shop has been a Red Bank mainstay since 1936. Daniel Dorn founded this with his dad and is a graduate of the Red Bank High School Class of 1928.


UPDATE 01/07 : Dorn's Photo in Red Bank is no longer. The building was torn down in Fall of 2006. The Dorn's site is now under construction for offices and condos. Many thanks to Robert W. Clark for update. 01-07



Freedman's Bakery
Belmar, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Visitors to the Jersey shore have been visiting Freedman's Bakery for decades.



Parking Lot Sign
Syracuse, NY
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

When one thinks of parking lots, a vintage roadside sign does not normally come to mind. Check out this one in Syracuse. This parking lot sign flashes in tiny bulbs like an old neighborhood carnival sign.











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