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Other Roadside Motels Great Plains

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Gateway Motel
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Charles Brock

Route 66The Gateway Motor Hotel in Tulsa still offers up a great rate, whether its rain or shine. Not sure what the lodging is like inside, though the sign outside still looks superb.



Cotton Boll Motel (Closed)
Canute, OK
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Route 66Located along Route 66 in Canute, OK is the Cotton Boll Motel. Unfortunately, this roadside motel establishment has closed its doors.



Star Lite Motel
Sturgis, SD
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Star Lite Motel is a prominent sight along the old roadside, especially with its huge star atop its marquee. This motel is located in Sturgis, SD.





West Winds Motel (Closed)
Erick, OK
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Route 66Off the 66 in Erick, OK is the weathered sign for the West Winds Motel.


Here's a shot of the entire West Winds Motel complex. This is a throwback to the old motor court days.



Washita Motel (Closed)
Canute, OK
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Route 66Here's a photo of the Washita Motel, located in Canute, OK. This motel appears to have been converted to long term lodging. Many thanks to Clarke Ingram for identifying the name.



Western Motel
Sayre, OK
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Route 66The Western Motel in Sayre, OK still features is rather scenic marquee. Staring at this will have you wondering whether you're in the middle of the desert.



Thunderbird Motel
Dodge City, KS
Photo courtesy Greg West

This fancy sign is the marquee to the Thunderbird Motel in Dodge City, KS. The colors and design of this sign make it a real roadside attraction. Not to mention that "clean" rooms are advertised. 10-05














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