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Triple XXX Root Beer
West Lafayette, IN


Triple XXX Root Beer
West Lafayette, IN
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

Here's the Triple XXX Root Beer from West Lafayette, IN. This Triple XXX was the first drive-in in Indiana, although I am not sure if they still have the carhops or not. It is in West Lafayette real close to the Purdue University campus.

The sign at the Triple XXX Root Beer
Photo courtesy Alan Culley


According to the Triple XXX Root Beer website, the business has been around since 1929. Recently, the Triple XXX was proclaimed best burger at Purdue University by Sports Illustrated so the food must be good.

This West Lafayette location is one of just two remaining Triple XXX Root Beer drive-ins operating today. The other location is the Triple XXX in Issaquah, WA. 04-09

Triple XXX Root Beer
Photos courtesy Alan Culley


(Top left) The XXX Root Beer building

(Near left) The roof top sign for the XXX Root Beer




Google Street View Image





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