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Drive-in Eateries Midwest


Lemon Drop Drive-in
Anderson, IN
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Check out this old marquee for the Lemon Drop Drive-in, somewhat resembling an old "Holiday Inn" sign.



Daly Drive-in
Livonia, MI
Photo courtesy Mike Engle

The Daly Drive-in features the wavy roofline that was so popular doing the 50's and 60's. Check out the way the marquee boomerang appears to point the way in.



Ray's Drive-in
Kokomo, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Ray's Drive-in in Kokomo, IN features a marquee that drives tourists and locals alike to its eating area.



Michael's Goody Boy
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Here is Michael's Goody Boy Drive-in, located just south of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Goody Boy is a good stopping point for great burgers and soups. "And just look at that sign!"



Fender's Drive-in
Mishawaka, IN
Photo and info courtesy Steve Lehman

Fenders Drive-In Restaurant, Mishawaka is taking your dining experience back to the good old days. Fender's is the area's oldest surviving Drive-in, originally opened as an A&W in 1952. Fenders is open seasonally from April through September.

Check out the Fender's site for more information.



Kunkel's Drive-in
Connersville, IN
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

Kunkel's Drive-in Restaurant in Connersville Indiana has been serving up "Kunkel Burgers" since 1954. 09-06



Southside Drive-in
Rushville, IN
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

The Southside Drive-in in Rushville, Indiana is still going strong after many years. As you can see from the far left photo, the Southside was originally called Miller's Drive-in. 09-06




Stewart's Root Beer
Mansfield, OH
Photos courtesy Chuck & Wanda Phelps

Here's a classic Stewart's Root Beer drive-in stand, located in Mansfield, OH. According to the owners, this location has been in business for over 50 years and still features car hop service. According to the Stewart's Beverages website, the original Stewart's stand opened in 1924 in Mansfield, OH. Many thanks to Chuck and Wanda Phelps, owners of the Stewart's Root Beer in Mansfield, OH, for update. 02-07

UPDATE 12/12 : Just got word from Chuck and Wanda Phelps that they have closed their Mansfield, OH drive-in business due to retirement and current economic times. Best wishes to both on their retirement and their root beer stand will be missed. Many thanks to Chuck and Wanda Phelps for update. 12-12








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