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Donut Delights Midwest

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Photo courtesy Dirk BurhansSno-White Donuts
Maple Heights, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

This Sno-White is part of a large, old fashioned chain. Located in Maple Heights, OH, this donut shop is a former location of the 50's burger chain Royal Castle and is now closed.


Fresh Doughnuts

Grab your fresh donuts on your way to work here in St. Louis, MO. This place even has a drive-thru window, not to mention both a coffee bar and a milk bar. Now if the food is as good as the sign looks, your morning will be bright!



Don's Donuts
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

How about some Don's Donuts with its fancy multicolored arrows over in Toledo, OH. The marquee even advertises Don's as having the "world's best coffee."



Sparkle Shops Donuts (Gone)
Rockford, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

How can anyone resist a friendly baker holding a huge hot donut out to all traveling by? For many years, Sparkle Shops Donuts was the place to be in Rockford, Illinois. But no more as this donut shop and its unique marquee was torn down in 2000.



Jolly Pirate Donuts (Demolished)
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Do you like donuts? How about pirates? Well, at the Jolly Pirate Donuts in Lancaster, OH, you can have both! Open 24 hours for your stomach convenience.


UPDATE 03/06 : The Jolly Pirate Donuts was torn down to build a Walgreens. Many thanks to Kelly Rice for update. 03-06






Sonrise Donuts
Springfield, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This Sonrise Donuts is now out of business but is still standing along old Route 66 in Springfield, IL. If you're looking for nice hot donuts on your way to work, this is no longer the place.

Sonrise Donuts
Photo courtesy Don Gardner


UPDATE 04/06 : Here's a shot of the Sonrise Donuts sign on a nice sunny day in Springfield, IL., now looking a little faded. 04-06


UPDATE 02/09 : Despite being closed, the familiar Sonrise Donuts sign still stands in Springfield, IL. Many thanks to chibbqking for photo and update. 02-09

Sonrise Donuts
Springfield, IL
Photo courtesy chibbqking









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