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Donut Delights Midwest

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Mello-Creme Donuts
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Near Lima, Ohio is a classic sign with a threaded donut icon. Mello-Creme Donuts has been in operation since 1946. If you ever get hunger pangs for some lard in dough, stop by Mello-Creme and get a sugar twist and chocolate sprinkle.



Honey Dip Donuts
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Sol Bermann

The Honey Dip Donuts shop features a rather eye-catching sign out front. This donut delight is located in Columbus, OH. 08-06



Doughboys Donuts
Rockford, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

Doughboys Donuts is a Rockford, IL delight, featuring fresh baked donuts every day. From the looks of the sign, Doughboys is afraid of proclaiming that they have good coffee too. 07-11









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