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Donut Delights Midwest

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Mel-O-Creme Donuts
Springfield, IL
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton

Here are a few roadside shots of the Mel-O-Creme Donuts of Springfield, IL. The marquee at the Mel-O-Creme looks to be a bit worn by the years, as the crown above the donut on the sign no longer radiates.



(Above) The location appears to always have traffic, which is great for its roadside appeal.

(Left) Check out the logo lettering on the side of the building.



Huck Finn Donuts
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Looking for a Mark Twain themed stop to go to while in the mood for donuts? A bit of a stretch? Well, Huck Finn Donuts can meet your needs while in the Chicago, IL area. Don't forget to ask for Tom.


Krispy Kreme
Akron, OH
Photo and info courtesy Steve Felder

Seen here is the "Adonis" of donut signs. Krispy Kreme was from North Carolina originally and have expanded to other areas recently. This sign in Ohio is very different form their standard marquees.





Drive-in Donuts Marquee (Removed)
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This donut shop is an actual Donut Drive-in. Grab a bag of donuts while on your way out to the St. Louis Arch. But watch out for the rain. It comes suddenly and in droves!


UPDATE 07/07 : Now gone is the Drive-in Donuts sign on old Route 66, just up the street from Ted Drew's. The donut shop is still open there. Many thanks to Dennis Dixson for update. 07-07



Krispy Kreme, Stow OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

For those of you familiar with the Ohio area, here is an old friend. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Stow, Ohio is just one of many of these lard-hole sellers around.










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