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Roadside Motels Pacific Northwest


Viking Motel
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Jeff Raber

Check out this roadside sign outside of the Viking Motel in Portland. Yes, yet another sign prominently advertises the fact that the motel rooms have TV. A sign of a bygone era.



Shady Lane Motel (Demolished)
Photo courtesy Van

What's the best thing to do on a full stomach? A nap of course. If you're in Yakima, WA, spend the night at the Shady Lane Motel. Can't vouch for the lodging, but the marquee ain't bad.

UPDATE 04/17 : The motel is gone. There's a place called the Slow Burn on-site now. 04-17



Thunderbird Motel (Now the Fremont Motel) (Demolished)
Seattle, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Usually, motels with a name like the Thunderbird Motel features a vintage sign and the sign outside here is no disappointment. The Thunderbird was built in 1956 and had been located at 4251 Aurora Ave. N.


UPDATE 02/08 : The Thunderbird Motel in Seattle no longer has the same name. It is now the Fremont Motel. The vintage sign is still visible along Aurora Avenue, but only some of its lights work. Many thanks to Curtis Bobbitt for update. 2-08

UPDATE 04/17 : The Thunderbird Motel (Fremont Inn) was demolished in 2012. It was replaced by affordable housing called Patrick Place. The motel had been known for years as a haven for prostitution, drug activity, and a hangout for violent crime. 04-17



Marco Polo Motel
Seattle, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Marco Polo Motel's marquee still stands tall off the main drag in Seattle.



El Dorado Motel (Closed)
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

The El Dorado Motel in Seattle, WA features a vintage marquee sign with a giant neon swooping arrow... standard in its time.


UPDATE 04/17 : The El Dorado located at 1136 Aurora Ave. N. in Seattle is no more. The sign was removed several years ago and an abandoned structure remains on site. 04-17



Pine City Inn (Gone)
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy John Spencer

The Pine City Inn features an example of the old rooftop motel marquee signs that once captured the attention of passing motorists from quite a distance away. Not sure if this sign still lights up at night, though the sign itself is rather impressive.


UPDATE 07/08 : Here are photos of the Pine City Inn motel building, as it stands in Seattle. 07-08

UPDATE 04/17 : The Pine City Inn is gone. The rather sprawling building still remains but all signage from the former Pine City Inn are now gone. This place like many others in Seattle is now just a memory. 04-17


Pine City Inn
Seattle, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Pine City Inn
Seattle, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com








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