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Other Roadside Motels Pacific Northwest

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New West Motel (Rem.)
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

This nice roadside sign for the New West Motel directs you to rooms with cable TV. Not sure what the accommodations are like inside, though.


UPDATE 04/17: The marquee for the New West Motel was replaced by backlit plastic a number of years ago. 04-17



Villa del Mar Motel (Demolished)
Seattle, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's an old marquee sitting outside the Villa del Mar Motel in Seattle. Not sure if the vacancies still exists.


UPDATE 04/17: The Villa Del Mar has been demolished. There is now a modern Staybridge Suites in its place. 04-17



Ben Carol Motel (Gone)
Tukwila, WA
Photo courtesy Mike

The Ben Carol Motel near the Sea Tac airport still features a retro throwback marquee out front.


UPDATE 04/17: The Ben Carol Motel is gone. In its place is a Knight Inn Motel, part of a chain. 04-17





Seal's Motel (Removed)
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

Here's a shot of a motel marquee with real character... a seal character that is. The Seal's Motel sports a working neon seal as part of its signage. What more could you ask for...


UPDATE 07/07 : The Seal's Motel neon sign was removed and replaced by backlit plastic. Many thanks to Mike Fuller for update. 07-07



Almost Heaven Motel
O'Brien, OR
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Located somewhat near the border, the Almost Heaven Motel also features a roadside cafe on its grounds.


UPDATE 09/17: The Motel has been closed for several years and the sign has been altered. 09-17












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