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Other Roadside Motels Pacific Northwest

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Golden Lion Motor Inn (Closed)
Tacoma, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out this somewhat rustic looking sign for the Golden Lion Motor Inn found in Tacoma, WA. 07-08


UPDATE 04/17 : The Golden Lion Motel was razed over in late February 2017. The 65 year old motel finally met its fate after years of building neglect and safety issues. The 30-unit motel was located at 1220 Puyallup Ave. Accordiing to recent reports, the site may be a new home of a car sales lot. 04-17



Vagabond Motel (Demolished)
Tacoma, WA
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

This rather tall marquee spelling out "motel" is the home of the Vagabond Motel. This Tacoma roadside delight makes sure its business won't be missed, even as tired and eye weary travelers speed by on a lonely night. 11-08


UPDATE 04/17 : The Vagabond Motel was demolished recently. The site appears to now be the home of a Curbside Motors car lot. 04-17






Marco Polo Motel (Demolished)
Albany, OR
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Marco Polo Motel looks like an old mid-century motel. This motel located in Albany, OR even features a marquee with colors that date back to at least the 70's. 12-08


UPDATE 04/17 : The Marco Polo Motel featured a great old marquee at its address 2410 Pacific Blvd. Unfortunately, the motel shut down and was demolished in 2009. 04-17



Oregon Motor Motel
The Dalles, OR
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out the sign for the Oregon Motor Motel. This roadside motel is located in The Dalles. According to the Oregon Motor Motel website, the motel is located within walking distance of downtown. 11-10



Bali-Hai Motel
Yakima, WA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a rather eye-catching motel sign found in Yakima, WA. The Bali-Hai Motel sign is in the image of a tiki hut and even has a cut out of a palm treed. From the looks of things, the place probably still lights up its neon. 11-10












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