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Petrol Pumps Southeast

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Strawberry Hill USA
Chesnee, SC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Chesnee, SC is home to a rather patriotic looking gas station called Strawberry Hill USA. The place, which is also a restaurant, was at the top of a hill and was surrounded by acres of strawberry fields. 01-08




Clover, SC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Clover, SC is home to this old Amoco station. Check out the old pumps standing as a sentry in front of the station. 02-08

(Near right) The old gas pumps with yesteryears prices



Gas Station (Closed)
Great Falls, SC
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out this old abandoned gas station in Great Falls, SC. 02-08

(Near right) A view of this old gas station from the front

(Far right) A view coming in



Gulf Gas (Closed)
Emporia, VA
Photo and info courtesy Rick Ibsen

Here's an old Gulf Gas sign at a long closed station on US 301 north of Emporia, VA. 03-08

(Far left) a close-up look at what's remaining of the Gulf sign in Emporia

(Near left) The overgrown lot where the former Gulf gas station resides


Gulf Gas Station
Siler City, NC
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Siler City, NC is home to this mostly original Gulf gas station. 03-08



Amoco Gas Station (Closed)
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Amoco stations like this were all over the place in the 1980's and early 90's. Everyone saw them, every one went to them but no one thinks about them. Coming across this, a completely intact abandoned 80's style Amoco station instantly took me back to the fun days of "Robo Cop" and "Back to the Future" and no reality shows in TV. 03-08



Downtown Auto (formerly Shell)
Cary, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out this former gas station in Cary, NC. Yes, this used to be a Shell station and is now operating as Downtown Auto Sales. 03-08












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