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Petrol Pumps Southeast

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Sinclair Oil
Talladega County, AL
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

Here's an old Sinclair Oil company place located in Talladega County, AL. The old Sinclair sign was on a building that looks as if it is now a residence. 01-09



Gas Station
Anniston, AL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

This art deco gas station from decades past still stand in Anniston, Al. Although the pumps did not survive, the station itself likes pretty much intact. 04-09



Dixie Gas
Alma, GA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out the familiar marquee for the Dixie gas stations, this one located in the town of Alma, GA. 11-10



Esso Gas
Galivants Ferry, SC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This pristine looking gas station is the Esso Gas in Galivants Ferry, SC. 11-10





Esso Gas
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's another Esso Gas station. This one is located somewhere in VA and appears to feature Pepsi. 11-10






Texaco Gas
Yanceyville, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This old gas station is a throwback to the era before superhighways when these Texaco signs used to dot the old roads in every town. 11-10



Shell Gas
Spartan, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

This Shell Gas stations still has its old roadside sign and appears to be located at an ideal spot just at this bend in the road. 11-10













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