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Auto Dealerships Southeast


McNamara Pontiac
Orlando, FL
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's a classic Pontiac sign still lit up in Florida. See other Florida auto dealership favorites at Roadside Peek's Auto Dealerships Florida.



Nashville, TN
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Yip'eee Here's Chevyland. At least that's what this Nashville roadside billboard says with its multi-colored lettering.. Who can resist this happy old feller with the big smile.



Jim Reed's Truck Center
Nashville, TN
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's an interesting neon roadside character on the marquee for the Jim Reed's Truck Center in Nashville, TN. This fellow is a familiar sight for Jim Reed dealerships.



5 Points Pontiac
Albemarle, NC
Photo and info courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this 5 Points Pontiac sign that's located in Albemarle, NC. Rumors are they are renovating the old Pontiac building to be a restaurant, and that they plan to retain the sign. Hopefully this bit of news comes through.



Beaman Pontiac
Nashville, TN
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Beaman Pontiac is an old dealership with the Pontiac image creatively cut out on the vertical marquee.



Curry Motor Co.
Huntsville, AL
Photo courtesy Paul Foster

Huntsville, Alabama is home to Curry Motor Co. Featuring a huge marquee from the mid-century era, the Curry sign points travelers in from miles (or yards) away. Check out the lettering on this tall dealership sign.







Bob Ryan Auto Sales
Louisville, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here are a couple of photos of the marquee at Bob Ryan Auto Sales of Louisville, KY. Yes, the "drive-in" arrow points the way into the sales floor.










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