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Petrol Pumps Southeast

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Little John's Service Station
Converse, SC
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Little John's Service Station in Converse, SC features Gulf Gas. It appeared abandoned when these photos were taken. 01-08

(Far left) A look at the side of the Gulf station

(Near left) The pumps at the Little John's Service Station



Gas Station
Hartwell, GA
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The only thing that could make an old abandoned gas station better (other than being restored to new that is) would be a few old trucks parked in front of it. This old gas station was found just south of Hartwell, Georgia. Nearby was this old Texaco Dodge tanker. 01-08




Old Gas
Corinth, NC
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Hidden in the overgrowth in Corinth, NC is this long abandoned gas station that at some point was used as a grocery store. 03-08



Sunoco Gas
Lake Lure, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's is the Sunoco Gas station in Lake Lure, NC. The station overlooks the lake and is one of the few old stations that appears to still be in service. 03-08





Amoco Gas marquee
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Amoco stations pretty much vanished from the landscape a few years ago and for me it was unusual to see a modern gas station abandoned with all its signage for a long gone brand largely intact and in fairly decent condition. This Amoco Gas station was at the first exit of I-85 near the Georgia state line, at Route 11 to be exact. Many thanks to Richard Weiss for photos and info. 03-08










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