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Neon eateries southeast


Jacks Bar-B-Que
Nashville, TN
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

This Jacks Bar-B-Que location on Broadway appears to be in the center of a neon metropolis. Check out all of the neon signage.

Here are a couple more shots of the famous Jack's Bar-B-Que of Nashville, TN.


Jacks Bar-B-Que
Photo courtesy Don Gardner


Here's Jack's Bar-B-Que with it's animated neon marquee.



Piggie Park BBQ
Thomaston, GA
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Powers

Here's the Piggie Park Drive-in Restaurant in Thomaston, Georgia. This real drive-in has been located here since 1950 and still does great business.



Elvis Presley's Memphis
Memphis, TN
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

At the Elvis Presley's Memphis in Memphis, TN, you can order the King's favorite delicacy, peanut butter and banana sandwiches as well as all his favorite barbecued specialties.




Rum Boogie Cafe
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Sing the blues and shake your booty while tossing back shots of bourbon and Jack Daniels at the Rum Boogie Cafe.



Tee Pee Restaurant
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

Under the neon Tee Pee, patrons will be pleasantly surprised by the Tee Pee Restaurant's service, atmosphere and food. It is located on Highway 441 North in the heart of the Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. They offer fresh local salmon, an inexpensive buffet, tasty club sandwiches and also claim to have the "Largest Salad Bar" in all of Cherokee. Eaters can either dine inside the family style restaurant or sit on a deck out back over a stream. Indian dancers can be spotted performing across the street at a gift shop during the summer months.



Ezell's Catfish Cabin
Columbus, GA
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Powers

Here's Ezell's Catfish Cabin also located in Columbus, GA. And yes, the catfish fins do blink!

Ezell's Catfish Cabin
Tuscaloosa, AL
Photo courtesy Tony Craig


Here's another shot of the eye-catching neon sign in front of Ezell's Catfish Cabin in Tuscaloosa, AL.









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