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Neon eateries southeast


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Raleigh, NC
Photo and info courtesy Tait Hilliard

The huge Krispy Kreme Doughnuts sign is located on Person Street in Raleigh, NC near the campus of Peace College. The sign was on around 4am but unfortunately they were closed.  08-08


UPDATE 09/10 : The Raleigh location was recently remodeled and reopened to a large crowd on June 1, 2010. This Krispy Kreme on Person Street originally opened in 1971. The original building was built in 1939 further down the street. For more information, see the News Observer article. 09-10



Krispy Kreme
Atlanta, GA
Photos and info courtesy Kevin Powers

This Krispy Kreme near downtown Atlanta, GA is an original model. The rotating Krispy Kreme sign encased in neon still turns on the roof today. 02-09

(Near right) A close-up look at the combination backlit plastic and neon sign at the Krispy in Atlanta, GA

(Far right) A look at the Krispy Kreme and its original style



Majestic Diner
Atlanta, GA
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

The Majestic Diner is a landmark of Atlanta that has been around since 1929. The Majestic shows off its familiar phrase "food that pleases" in neon around the outside of the diner. 02-09




Mary Mac's Tea Room
Atlanta, GA
Photo and info courtesy Kevin Powers

Check out the neon sign outside of Mary Mac's Tea Room. Mary Mac's is a classic southern eatery that has been in business in the Atlanta, GA area since 1945. According to the Mary Mac's Tea Room website, the restaurant uses the name "tea room" because back in the 1940's, it wasn't common for a female restaurant owner to open up a "restaurant". 02-09



Dailey's Downstairs
Atlanta, GA
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Daily's Downstairs looks like a new establishment in Atlanta, GA. At least they've captured the style of old neon on their street side sign. 04-09



Boudreaux's Back Yard
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Located in the French Quarter district of New Orleans, the Boudreaux's Backyard sign features a guy enjoying his food and drink close to Bourbon Street. 11-10















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