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Neon eateries southeast


Maryland Fried Chicken
Albany, GA
Photo and info courtesy Lisa Pike

This is a longtime Maryland Fried Chicken location on N. Slappey Blvd in Albany, GA.  The current owner has decked the place inside and out in a "hippy" fashion.  We have 3 Maryland chains in Albany, but this one is very unique. 09-06



Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Albany, GA
Photo and info courtesy Lisa Pike

Here's a neon shot of the longtime Krispy Kreme store (long before it was a well-known company) located at the corner of Pine Ave. and Slappey Blvd. The old sign has been replaced, but the KK crown still sits on top of the building. 09-06



Pal's Burgers
Kingsport, TN
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

Located in Kingsport, TN, Pal's Burgers and its carry out hamburger stand has been around since 1956. This neon shot is of the original stand in downtown. 10-06



Louisville, KY
Photo and info courtesy Rosalind Causey

This is a vintage Arby's sign in Louisville, KY. It is in great shape and is one of many neon signs in the St. Matthews area. Unfortunately, a new Arby's is being built down the street, and the fate of this sign is uncertain. 12-06



Dizzy Whizz
Louisville, KY
Photo and info courtesy Rosalind Causey

This is a classic burger joint in Louisville, KY called Dizzy Whizz. The Dizzy Whizz has featured curb side service and has been open for business serving customers since 1947. 12-06



LaPlace, LA
Photos courtesy Terry Toler

Here's the eye-catcher of a neon sign from the LaPlace Frostop located about 30 miles from New Orleans, Louisiana.  The LaPlace Frostop has been in business since 1958.  The neon mug has four different neon colors (blue, red, white, and green).  The mug still turns!!. Many thanks to Terry Toler, owner of the LaPlace Frostop for photo and info. 02-07




Here are more photos of the LaPlace Frostop in full neon glory.

(Far left) The Frostop from the early 1980's featuring a different roof

(Near left) A current shot of the LaPlace Frostop, all lit up for business



The Pearl
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Hear's a head turner of a neon sign at The Pearl restaurant in New Orleans, LA. 02-07








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