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Roadside Cleaners Southeast


Imperial Laundry
Meridian, MS
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Off of 24th Ave in Meridian is this jewel of a sign for the Imperial Laundry. Check out the crown on this one.



Liberty Laundry
Louisville, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The Liberty Laundry, also located in Louisville, sports a marquee that lights up the roadside. Check out the little coin image on this sign.



Volk Cleaners (Closed)
Louisville, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's an old sign pointing the way to the Volk Cleaners Drive-in in Louisville, KY.


UPDATE 08/17: Volk Cleaners closed down for good on October 24, 2015 after 40 years of serving Louisville. The owners of the cleaners, Judy & Bill Rogers, thanked their customers at the very end. 08-17



Kelly's Cleaners
Mobile, AL
Photo and info courtesy Phil Proctor

Kelly's Cleaners and its neon marquee is located on Government Blvd. (US Hwy 90) in Mobile, Alabama. Check out the hangar that forms the top of the sign. 06-06



Alamo Cleaners
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The arrow atop this sign points the way into the Alamo Cleaners in New Orleans, LA.





1 Hour Cleaners
Decatur, GA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's a roadside sign at this roadside cleaners in Decatur, GA. Check out the colors on this sign for the 1 Hour Cleaners. 06-06



Aladdin Laundry
Birmingham, AL
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This sign for the Aladdin Laundry in Birmingham features an image of an Aladdin lamp on top. 06-06



Happy Day Laundry
Memphis, TN
Photo courtesy Sherry McGee

Check out this eye catching sign for Happy Day Laundry. It's not often that you see a figure of a torso hanging in mid-air off the cycle. 09-06












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