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Neon signage southeast


Wurlitzer Arcade
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

Here's a cool looking entrance facade made to resemble a vintage Wurlitzer jukebox. Yes, it's actually a jukebox as a building. It's a bonus that this joint lights up at night.



Beale Street
Photo and info courtesy Jay Lin

In Memphis Tennessee, Beale Street is the main attraction. The traffic is closed off on Saturday nights as the boulevard is filled with the sights and sounds of blues musicians and street performers. A veritable neon smorgasbord awaits the visual senses.



Big Daddy's
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

This risque sign for Big Daddy's is found in New Orleans, of all places.



The Pearl
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Chris Richey

The Pearl still lights up the sky in New Orleans.

Check out the daytime version of this sign here.




5 Points Pontiac
Albemarle, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out this vintage sign at the 5 Points Pontiac, located in Albemarle NC. This sign, showing off it full neon effect, shows the Indian chief logo.



Liberty Laundry
Louisville, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The Liberty Laundry, also located in Louisville, sports a marquee that lights up the roadside. Check out the little coin image on this sign. 10-05



Paul Miller Ford
Lexington, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's a rather tall marquee for the Paul Miller Ford in Lexington. When this sign is all lit up, it's hard to miss. 10-05



Farmer's Jewelry
Lexington, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

This neon sign for the Farmer's Jewelry stands tall along Euclid Avenue in Lexington, KY. 10-05



Catfish Cabin
Memphis, TN
Photo and info courtesy Sherry McGee

This neon sign advertises a favorite restaurant. Memphis is mainly known for it's BBQ, but catfish is a favorite also. The Catfish Cabin is located in the Airport area of Memphis. 07-06














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