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Neon signage southeast


The Cherokee Trader
Cherokee, NC
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

Shoot an arrow in any direction in Cherokee, NC and it will probably hit an Indian gift shop. The Cherokee Trader stands out above others in its tribe with a beautifully lit dancing warrior. If you concentrate hard enough, you can almost hear the distant sound of pounding drums between its neon blinks.



Carter Drugs
Barnesville, GA
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

Barnesville, Georgia was once a big manufacturer of (horse) buggies. Today, their 2 block long downtown is still a thriving area and Carter Drugs is a big part of it.



The Stage
Nashville, TN
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

How about this neon sign for The Stage located in Nashville. The lettering as well as the neon guitar are real head turners.



Jim Reed's Truck Center
Nashville, TN
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's an interesting neon roadside character on the marquee for the Jim Reed's Truck Center in Nashville, TN.



Monteleone Hotel
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Check out this neon sign for the Monteleone Hotel, directing customers to this New Orleans hotel's garage, entrance, and lobby.



Ernest Tubb Record Shop
Nashville, TN
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

This neon guitar leads you to the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville, TN. This shop has been selling records on Broadway
for over 50 years.



Berry's Loan
Nashville, TN
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Check out the neon sign out front of Berry's Loan. Those in need of a quick loan or a pawn shop won't be able to miss the red neon glow of this sign in Nashville, TN.




South of the Border
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

South of the Border Close-up
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

This big guy is supposed to be the largest neon sign east of the Mississippi. Yes, we're talking about South of the Border. A service road runs between his legs to the parking spaces for the souvenir shops on his left. One is open 24/7. Just in case you have the urge to stock on sombreros in the wee hours of the morning. There is also a restaurant by his foot where for a few bucks you can buy a paper hat, write your name on it and they will staple it to the ceiling. More information and photos can be found at Roadside Peek's Spotlight From the Road: South of the Border.









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