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South of the Border
Dillon, SC
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

The South of the Border is literally on the North-South Carolina border. It's an interesting restaurant and souvenir complex on US Route 301, and I95. "Pedro" has been serving north-south travelers since the mid 1950s, first on Route 301 and now on I95.

Check out Pedro in the huge marquee on the right.

More information and photos can be found at Roadside Peek's Spotlight From the Road: South of the Border.



The Cherokee Trader
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

The Cherokee Trader is one of many trading posts around Cherokee selling "genuine" Indian artifacts and gifts. On such post has a live rooster that will come out and eat food dispensed from an automatic feeder for a small price.

(Many thanks to Kevin Powers for above info)







Walker Radiator Works
Memphis, TN
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Check out this fantastic sign outside of Walker Radiator Works in Memphis, TN. Somewhat resembling the famous Clayton Plumbing signs, the neon sign shows a big drip.


UPDATE 05/08 : The Walker Radiator Works neon sign is still in great working condition. According to Vernon Walker Sr. who also had a wealth of knowledge about the birth of the Memphis music legends that came out of Sun Studios, his Dad started the Walker Radiator Works in 1932.

The shop is located right next to the Sun Studios and the sign went up in 1950. Many thanks to Elgin MacMillan for photo and info update. 05-08

Walker Radiator Works (2008)
Photo courtesy Elgin MacMillan




Doerr Furniture
New Orleans, LA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

This deco blade marquee points the way to the Doerr Furniture store in New Orleans.



GE Appliances
Hodgenville, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

How about this old sign for this General Electric Appliances store. Located in Hodgenville, KY, this old sign carries the old General Electric emblem. Not sure if the red tubing around the GE is still good neon.











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