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Grand Cinema Southeast

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State Cinema
Newton, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's an art deco treasure of a movie theatre. Called the State Cinema, this theatre is located in downtown Newton. 11-07



Gem Theatre
Kannapolis, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss / 2007

Kannapolis, NC is home to the Gem Theatre. This theatre dates back about 70 years and is still showing movies. 12-07



Dillon County Theatre
Dillon, SC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Dillon County Theatre located in historic Dillon, SC was restored in the 1990's and is home to the MacArthur Avenue Players. 01-08





Imperial Theatre
Augusta, GA
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Imperial Theatre is a historic movie palace located in Augusta, GA. According to the Imperial Theatre website, the Imperial was originally known as the Wells Theatre when it opened in 1918 and was home to vaudeville acts and photoplays. The Imperial Theatre is still showing live acts today. 01-08



Kirby Theatre
Roxboro, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Roxboro, NC is home to the Kirby Theatre. The Kirby was restored and is currently in business as a civic auditorium. 03-08



Paramount Theatre
Burlington, NC
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Paramount Theater is located in Burlington, NC. The lettering on the Paramount seems a little suspicious as it seems too small and far too modern a style for what was probably originally an opera house. 03-08

The Paramount originally opened its doors as The Grand movie palace in December 1928 and changed its name to The Paramount in 1929. The theatre was scheduled for demolition in the 1970's but survived. Today The Paramount is home to a variety of events. For more information, see the Paramount website.



Act Theatre
Anderson, SC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out what looks to be a main street type of historic theatre called the Act Theatre, located in the town of Anderson, SC. 03-08

(Near right) A closer look at the front of the ACT Theatre










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