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Grand Cinema Southeast

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Echo Theatre
Laurens, SC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Echo Theatre is a movie house found in Laurens, SC. Or at least it used to show movies. Today, the Echo is home to a self proclaimed world famous shop. 03-08

(Far left) A shot of the former theatre

(Near left) A close up of what's now showing



Liberty Showcase Theatre
Liberty, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weisss

Here's the Liberty Showcase Theatre, located in the town of Liberty, NC in the piedmont area in downtown. The theatre features 500 seats and a great view. 03-08



North Theatre
Danville, VA
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

This North Theatre in Danville, VA opened in 1947 as a movie and vaudeville house. After closing in 1976, the building was used for various purposes, including an auction house, churches and a flower store. In 2003, the theatre was purchased and restored and in early 2005, the marquee and theatre opened again. The North Theatre has since been home to classic movies and other entertainment. 04-08







Liberty Theatre
North Wilkesboro, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Liberty Theatre in North Wilkesboro, NC has been serving the public since the 1940's. From the looks of things, the theatre is still showing first-run movies, though the building itself is showing its age. 05-08

(Far left) A look at the front of the Liberty

(Near left) Here is what's playing at the Liberty



Booker T. Theatre
Rocky Mount, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Booker T. Theatre is an old relic of a movie house found in Rocky Mount, NC. Though the letters still stand atop the front, the neon and the front facade is looking rather faded and forlorn. According to the May 23, 2008 edition of the local Rocky Mount Telegram, the city of Rocky Mount has purchased most of the property residing in the Douglas Block area and plans to renovate the area. "The Booker T. Theater and Burnette building will be saved". 05-08










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