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Grand Cinema Southeast

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Bradley Theatre (Closed)
Columbus, GA
Photo and info courtesy Larry Glass

This one taken in the summer of 2008 of the Bradley Theater in Columbus GA. It's in the old downtown area and closed. The theatre originally opened in 1940. 04-09





Carver Theatre
Birmingham, AL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Check out the Carver Theatre in Birmingham, AL. The Carver Theatre was built in 1935 and according to the Carver Theatre website, was one of several theatres in the Fourth Avenue area offering first-run movies to African-Americans. In 1990, the City of Birmingham renovated the Carver to a performing arts theatre. The non-profit theatre is now home to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and museum. 04-09



Alabama Theatre
Birmingham, AL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Check out the blade neon sign for the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham. The Alabama Theatre was built in 1927 by Paramount Studios and was used as a movie house for 55 years. In 1987, the owners of the Alabama declared bankruptcy and was purchased by a non-profit organization who restored the theatre. For more information about the Alabama Theatre, see this website. 04-09






Calhoun Theatre
Anniston, AL
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

The Calhoun Theatre is a faded shell of its former glory as it still stands in Anniston, AL. The Calhoun originally opened in February 1942 and was operated by Alabama Theatres Inc. According to Cinema Treasures, the Calhoun Theatre closed in the mid-1980's. 04-09









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