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Neon motels arizona

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Highlander Motel
Williams, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Route 66Along the 66 in Williams is the Highlander Motel and its brightly lit sign and facade.



Relax Inn Motel
Phoenix, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Relax Inn Motel in Phoenix lights up the sky, one of the few roadside motels still lit up on this old boulevard. It's always a shame to see a roadside corridor that has lots much of its magic.

Far right - See the place from the side

Near right - The close up look at the sign



Hiway Host Motel
Mesa, AZ
Photo courtesy Jay Villa

Here's a neon marquee sign for the Hiway Host Motel.

This sign still lights up at night.

Google Maps View




Sun Land Motel (Rem.)
Mesa, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's a shot of the marquee for the Sun Land Motel at sunset. The sign dates back to the 1960's.


UPDATE 04/17 : This eye-catching neon sign is now gone, replaced by a plastic sign in 2016. 04-17

Google Maps View



Apache Tears Motel (Removed)
Tucson, AZ
Photo courtesy Aaron Repath

Check out this neon shot of the Apache Tears Motel marquee, prior to the sign being removed and replaced by backlit plastic. The statue at the base of the sign had also been unceremoniously dumped up the street.

Unfortunately, for many, the removal of a neon sign constitutes progress.

See more at Where Are They Now?






Frontier Motel (Removed)
Flagstaff, AZ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Route 66The sign for the Frontier Motel in Flagstaff still glows along busy Route 66. 12-05

Frontier Motel
Photos courtesy Alan Culley / 1992


UPDATE 03/08 : To the near left is a shot of the Frontier Motel taken in 1992. 03-08

UPDATE 09/08 : The marquee has now been replaced with backlit plastic. 09-08









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