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Other Roadside Motels Arizona

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Se-Tay Motel
Casa Grande, CA
Photos courtesy Elgin MacMillan

Here's the Se-Tay Motel and its marquee out front. According to the guy at the front desk, this place was built in about 1951 or 52 and is the oldest motel in town. 12-06

(Far left) A shot of the Se-Tay marquee

(Near left) Yes, the motel is "cooled by refrigeration"

Turns out the motel was built in 1949 by the original owner named Yates. Read Yates backwards and see what that spells.



Riviera Motel
Tucson, AZ
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out this marquee at the Riviera Motor Lodge in Tucson, AZ. The Riviera is one of the old roadside motel signs that dot the Arizona Southwest and was originally built in 1953. 09-08

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Larian Motel
Tombstone, AZ
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Check out the marquee at the Larian Motel in the tourist town of Tombstone, AZ. Although the marquee gives the place a look likes a throwback to decades back, the sign says "free wi-fi" which keeps up with the times. 04-09




Oasis Court
Benson, AZ
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Here's the Oasis Court found in Benson, AZ. The sign located out front proudly asserts itself as the "Benson Historical Auto Court". The Oasis had been built around 1928 and is now apartments. The Oasis Court was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. 04-09


UPDATE 04/17 : The Oasis Court sign is still here. The motel appears to have been converted to apartments. 04-17

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Grand Canyon Motel
Fredonia, AZ
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Check out the marquee at the Grand Canyon Motel in Fredonia, AZ. Fredonia is located at the border of Arizona and Utah and is located north of the Grand Canyon National Park and southeast of Zion National Park. 06-09



Ship Rock Motel
Fredonia, AZ
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

The Ship Rock Motel features a roadside motel marquee that attempts to look like what a ship rock would look like. The motel looked to be permanent housing these days. 06-09









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